When Is a Collectors Knife a Collectors Knife?

There are several things and several more reasons why a knife is a collectible item. Although I can not begin to cover all the reasons here I will try to cover several of the reasons now.

The first thought that comes to my mind is a very old knife. Knives have been around since the caveman days. The pocket knife was around since the 1st century. In fact the oldest pocket knife found is from around 500 B.C. No one knows who invented the first one. What person wouldn’t want to have one of these keepsakes?

The “Buck” knife was first made in 1902 by Hoyt Buck and became very popular to be carried by World War II military personnel. In the mid-sixties a locking feature was added to the buck knife as a safety feature which prevents the blade from accidentally closing. The Buck knife is the most popular style pocket knife there is. Some have handles made of bone or antlers others have a plastic or metal handle. In fact, the Buck knife is not a manufacture rather just the common name for pocket knives because of the popularity of this style of pocket knife.

A person must do a lot of studying and spent hours researching the different makes and styles of knives to be able to recognize a real collectible knife from a counterfeit knife.

Collectors don’t have to look for only old knives. Several knife manufactures will make only a limited number of a particular style or size of a knife making this knife very desirable to own. In fact, the knives used knife customization by the military during the Vietnam era have become a popular knife for collectors.

Another type of collectible knives are items that have a history, such as the “Bowie knife”. The Bowie knife has a colorful Texas history making it a very often copied knife most hunting knives look like the Bowie knife. The first one was made in 1827 and used by the American statesman Jim Bowie probably best known because of his connection with the Alamo! Or the history of a knife collection once owned by the actor John Wayne! Just the name of either of these gentlemen makes these knives very popular and a conservation piece!

Then there are the knife collectors that buy a knife because they like the looks or feel of a particular knife and it might be a pocket knife, a hunting knife or maybe a survival knife. There are many different style, shapes and size of knives that make a reason for someone to want to have them.

There is a particular knife that I am looking for and that is a three bladed buck knife that my dad used to save his life. When he was a young farmer his arm got caught between a wide belt and a large pulley on the combine somehow he was able to get this knife out of his pocket and used it to cut the belt preventing him from bleeding to death out there in the wheat field. Now this three bladed knife with a red handle is somewhere in the family that has been misplaced somewhere over time. Now this knife is a very collectible knife to my family. As you can see there is no particular reason to want this knife or that knife! Sometimes it is just a feeling that says I gotta have that knife.

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